Let me tell you about my night…

Let’s start off this way…

Yesterday morning, Harlow woke up as sweet as a chorus of angels.  That is, she didn’t have a meltdown when I changed her from her jammies to her daycare clothes, and she put on her coat and hat without a fuss.

When I picked her up from daycare, we did not do the inevitable-as-of-lately “run from Mommy for 15 minutes, then scream while she puts on my coat”.  She was very calm and happy and let me get her ready to leave in no time.  We were on our way within 5 minutes!

Once we arrived home, all evening was super pleasant.  She didn’t cling to me when I had to let Abbey out and she stayed in with Daddy.  She had a great time in the bath, and didn’t protest when it was time to get out.  She put her jammies on without the recent wiggle monster coming out.  She went down with no drama and was out like a light within a few seconds.

Basically, it was a perfect day.


See? Such an sweetie. (From our Christmas Photos…)

I should have been wary.


10pm, I’m all ready for bed, sitting in the dark, medicated heat patch on by back and my lotion gloves on to remedy my already-cracked winter hands (sexy, no?), juuuust about to climb under the covers.  Then I hear it.


Friends, I was up with her from 10pm until 2pm. Screaming.  (Her, not me.  Well, mostly not me…  Mine was more of a whimpering.)

And then every hour after that until it was time to wake up.  We fitfully slept together in the chair in her room for an hour.  I tried taking her to bed with me, which worked for one hour.  I slept with her on the floor next to her crib in a makeshift blanket bed for another of the hours.  She slept in her crib with me on the floor in the makeshift blanket bed for the last hour (I wasn’t allowed to leave).  All of this was very fitful sleep, nothing solid.

Then, when I had to wake her up at 6:30am for daycare, I expected the sleep-deprived monster to rear its ugly head, but nope… It was my angel baby who woke up again.  And, again, we had a very calm, drama free morning.

I have NO idea what happened last night.  She did have a low-grade fever, about 99 degrees, but she’s had that for a couple of days.  It could be teething (my guess), it could be another ear infection (so hard to tell because usually she shows no symptoms), it could have been a tummy issue (in the past, rough nights like this have been followed by a big morning poo…).  She’s still very much a baby in the night and doesn’t talk, just cries, so it is really hard to know what’s going on.


Needless to say, the full caffeine Starbucks Peppermint Mocha has made another appearance today.  I’m pretty sure I could pack my entire wardrobe in the bags under my eyes, and I basically look AND feel like this:

Also, this is funny:

Mombie Post



On a brighter note, last evening, during the calm before the storm, I taught Harlow to say “Harlow’s Awesome!”.  Best thing ever.  I’d love to put the video of it on here, but since I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for this blog… I can’t.

This, too, shall pass, folks.


Have a great Wednesday!

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