New Year, New You! (or, me, rather…)

A New Year’s Resolutions post!



Okay, okay.  I know it is still early-ish December, but I like to think about my goals early.  I don’t believe in starting an all-or-nothing approach on January 1st, but these are things that I want to work on or do in the coming year.

  • Get a handle on money – before having Harlow, I knew what was in my checkbook down to the penny at all times.  Now, I’m constantly off when balancing my checkbook, and somehow I even managed to get my first (in many, many years) overdraft recently!

  • Incorporate fitness back into my life – somehow/someway.  Even if all that means is a walk during lunch a few times a week and a yoga class on the weekend.  New normal.  I just really miss it.

  • Hit & Run 5k and/or Color Run with my sister & brother – because FUN!
Hit & Run 5K

Hit & Run 5K

  • Get my grocery bill under control.  I know, I know… this one again.

  • Participate in my company’s Healthy Habits Challenge.

Healthy healthy2

  • Swim classes with Harlow!  I’m so excited to start that up again!  Hopefully I’ll get a photo this session!!!  (Along that same train of thought… is this cool or weird?)


  • Start a Line-A-Day Journal.  I bought this one:


I’m sure I’ll add to this list as time goes on, but it gives me a good head start!


Any “resolutions” out there to share???

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