My Second ‘Fix – Getting there?

2nd Fix

My second StitchFix was a definite improvement over the first… sort of.

Fix Info

While I didn’t hate anything the way I did with the first, I really didn’t love anything, either.  I only bought the shirt I did because I would rather do that then to lose $20.  I know, it doesn’t really make sense to anyone but me.

Please excuse another round of super-awkward photos.  I’m the worst at having my photo taken, and if I’m doing it myself, well, disaster…  Plus, greasy ponytail hair is all the rage, right?

Let’s get started, shall we?

Pixley Potina Checkered Lining Cardigan – $68

Cardigan I think I liked this one the least…  It was just shapeless, the material was thin (in back) and I wasn’t a fan of the cut or the lining.  Plus, a thin cardigan for $68?  No thanks…  RETURNED

Mystree Abigail Colorblock Lace Trim Top – $58

Blue TankThis was… okay.  I liked the front, but the back looked and felt cheap.  Which… a cheap-feeling tank top for $58 has no chance in my wardrobe.  Ever.  RETURNED

Tart Eames Gathered Waist Short Sleeve Shirt – $58

Green ShirtI really disliked this one on until I saw the photo.  It looks much better than it felt.  It was really uncomfortable.  The gathered waist fell at a strange place and… pinched, for lack of a better word.  It was okay, but not great.  And again, a T-shirt for $58?  Nope.  RETURNED

Kut From The Kloth Denim Skinny Jean – $78

These jeans were so close… almost a hit.  They were very comfortable, but they were still a bit slouchy and just didn’t quite fit right.  The waist was too big (I have a lot of trouble with that… gaping in the waist), and they were a touch too long.  I debated a lot on them, but in the end, for the price, I just couldn’t do it if they weren’t perfect.  RETURNED

Pixley Leandro Chevron Stripe Henley Knit Shirt – $54

ChevronWhile I didn’t love this shirt, I did really like it.  It was easy and I think I’ll wear it a lot.  It was super comfortable, and in a color/print I normally wouldn’t pick for myself.  However, the only reason I bought it is to not waste the $20 styling fee.  It was worth it to buy, but I might not have otherwise.  KEPT

The card included showed it styled with a blue scarf and jeans, which I just so happened to have, so this is how I wore it shopping on Friday:


Pretty cute, right?

There you have it, folks.  Next Fix is coming in February!  Stay tuned!


What do you think?  Did I make the right choice?

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