What I Did This Long Weekend – {12/12 – 12/14} – All the Feels…

This weekend, folks!  Aaaah!

So many ups and downs this weekend.  An emotional rollercoaster at times.


Let’s begin.

Friday, I woke up, & got Harlow ready for daycare.  Dropping her off was heartbreaking to say the least.  Oh, Mommy Guilt.  She clung to me and cried.  One of the teachers had to pry her off me.  Awful.

After that, I ran to MI City to the outlet mall, and did some more Christmas shopping… and by that, I mean that I bought myself some new clothes.  I’m so bad…  I did make a silly impulse purchase for myself, too…


Beagle Socks

See the resemblance?


Uncanny.  (Or un-canine-y?)  Nope, I did not just do that…  I deeply apologize.


I also got and went through my second StitchFix!  I’ll do a separate post about that soon…


Saturday morning, a friend called to tell me to look on Facebook.  I did, and saw that my old boss, the drawer of these, and someone I consider a friend and such a great human being, posted that he has cancer and will be starting treatment the first of the year.  He has four little kids, and a wife he’s still crazy about after a million years of marriage.  I’m heartsick over the news, but he is so overwhelmingly positive, and I believe that if anyone can, he can kick cancer’s ass!  My friend and I are thinking about possible ways to raise funds for him and his family.  Any ideas?

Anyway, on to happier stuff.

After Harlow’s nap, we went to see SANTA!!!


Harlow wasn’t too sure about sitting on Santa’s lap, and while the photo does look cute, it was the culmination of a lot of work!  I’m to the side, trying to make her laugh, while she’s whining and trying to get the heck off Santa’s lap!  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that it wasn’t going to be as “professional” as the mall Santas, and while Santa himself was great, and the workers were great, the photos were taken on an iPad and printed out with a cheap photo printer.  Oh, well.  At least we have the memories, and the money went to a charity!

Santa 2014

Santa 2014

After we were safely away from Santa and wandering around the supermarket for dinner ideas, Harlow was ALL about him!  She kept walking over near him and waving from a safe distance.  The rest of the night, it was Santa this, and Santa that.  It was pretty cute.  I’m glad it didn’t leave her traumatized!


Sunday, Chris and I left Harlow with her awesome sitter, Ashley (who we are soon losing due to her own baby arriving in a few months!), and went Christmas shopping for her!  It was nice.  We got it all done (with the exception of the personalized chair I ordered online for her today).

We finished with her after just one stop, which didn’t take long at all, so we decided since we had a babysitter (a rare occurrence, let me tell you!) we’d just have a leisurely afternoon.  We walked to Chili’s and had lunch (I even had half a beer, woo!).  Then we went and walked around the mall, where I bought two pairs of shoes.  Well, technically one pair of shoes, but I got them in both brown and black.

Astaerien Shoes - Aldo

Astaerien Shoes – Aldo


We got home to a very excited little girl!  Harlow had a good time with Ashley, and waved goodbye, but wouldn’t say goodbye.  Of course, the moment Ashley was out the door, Harlow was yelling, “Bye, Ashley!!!” as loud and often as she could.  I took a video of it and sent it to Ashley.  So cute.

Since Harlow had taken a super early nap that day, she and I laid down on the chair to watch Jake & The Neverland Pirates while Chris ran a couple of errands.  We both took a bit of a catnap.  Super nice.  My baby doesn’t ever do that!  She’s either asleep at sleep-designated times, or she’s at full speed!

Then, to round out my emotional weekend, we finally watched the series finale of Sons of Anarchy.  I bawled my flippin’ head off at the end.  It was great, but so, so sad…  Who’s seen it?  Thoughts?

Speaking of SoA, have you all seen these?  Sons of Anarchy Gingerbread Men by Cakes by Erin.  Too funny!

soa gingerbread

That rounds out my weekend!

I’ll be reviewing my next Fix soon!

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