Friday Favorites – A Mixed Bag of Excitement!

I’m always late to the party.  When I “discover” something, it is generally three years or more after everyone else has.  This is the case with my first two Friday Favorites.


I know, everyone has been wearing leggings for ages, but I never thought I could pull them off… I’m still not sure that I can, but I don’t care anymore.  I LOVE them and wear them a lot.  I only have two pair so far and plan on getting a lot more.  Stretchy waistbands?  Yes, please!!!  I love my Express pair, and they are on 50% off sale right now!!!


AWESOME picture, right?

Lindsey Stirling

My niece has been talking about her for well over a year, but I just didn’t bother to look her up.  I came across her when I “discovered” Pentatonix the other day, and… wow.  My niece is beautiful, plays the violin, and is a ballerina.  She’s pretty much fantastic.  Lindsey is basically a preview of future Cali, in my opinion…


Office Christmas Potlucks

So much food.  I ate this plateful at 10:30am.  I’m actually looking forward to a detox of sorts after all the holiday overindulging.  Like Robbie Williams says, “Overdose at Christmas, and give it up for Lent”.  Wise man.


My Girl

Today Harlow insisted on wearing her Puppy Shirt.  It was pajama day at her school, so we put it on over the top.  Hey, whatever works!  I love how much her personality is coming out.  She has very strong opinions and preferences.  It is so awesome.


Plus, she’s been such a comedian lately.  Too silly!


Family Time

Chris has to work this next week, so Harlow and I are going to spend some time at my Dad’s house.  We have our Christmas on Saturday, so Chris and I will drive separately, then Harlow & I will stay and Chris will head back home.  I have my Mom’s side of the family’s party on Christmas Eve, and we’ll head back home after that.


Last year with my Grandma C. Shes 97 years old! (I think…)

Gift Giving

I’m so excited about a few of the gifts I got for people this year.  Particularly my niece, Cali.  Also, my two sisters, and of course, Harlow.  I think I did pretty well!  I hope everyone likes their gifts!

Tell me something you’re excited about!

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