A Fun, New (to me) Discovery!

Has anyone tried these Sally Hanson Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips?

 My good friend bought me a box for a “Pregnancy Pampering” gift two years ago(!) and I JUST got around to trying them.  I never, ever, ever paint my fingernails because I’m far too impatient.  I absolutely, under no circumstances, can wait for them to dry.  Every single time I’ve tried painting my fingernails in the last decade, I’ve ended up removing it before it is even dried completely because I always, always use my hands too quickly and ruin them.
I’d post a photo of them, but I’ve had them on now for over a week (I put them on while hanging around my dad’s house with a sick baby a week ago Sunday), and honestly, they’ve seen better days.  But they did look great for about a week!  They were so quick and easy to apply, too.  I will 100% be using these much in the future.  Plus, they come in so many fun styles, so it isn’t just plain nails (unless you want it to be!)!  I wore the below.  I couldn’t find them to purchase online, though… just an image.  They are two years old, after all…

 Go try them and tell me what you think!

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