2015! Happy New Year!

Hope everyone’s New Year was… well, better than ours!

Chris got that crazy flu on New Year’s Eve.  Let’s recap… Harlow got it during our family Christmas party, I got it on Christmas Eve, and Chris got it on New Years Eve…  basically our entire holiday season was trashed.

Our crew was in bed by 9:30pm instead of watching the ball drop or toasting champagne or anything like that.  Thankfully, he felt much better yesterday, but was still not perfect, so our family had a supremely lazy day… as in, trading one pair of pajamas for another at bedtime.  It was pretty nice, though, actually.  Just all being together.

wpid-imag2749.jpg wpid-imag2745.jpg wpid-imag2741.jpg









So I’ve officially started my company’s challenge!


Jan 1: Write down 5 goals for the New Year!

  1. Drink 60oz water daily
  2. Salads for lunch more often
  3. Yoga at lunchtime
  4. Take both 15 minute breaks at work daily
  5. Cut down/out chocolate & sugary drinks at work
  6. Meal plan for Harlow & I
  7. Fruit & Veg at every meal
  8. Start a journal
  9. Walk Abbey more often

As you can see, I went a little overboard.  And this is in addition to my other goals!  Since these are my goals to strive toward for the year, I don’t feel a lot of pressure to get it perfect, or start it right this second.  I have time to plan and feel my way through it.


Jan 2: Go for a 10 minute walk.

I’m meeting one of my best friends for lunch today (she got engaged this holiday season!!!) at a restaurant near my work, and even though it is pretty cold, I’ve decided to walk there.  That will over and above take care of my 10 minutes!  And then I will eat all the food, since it is a Mexican restaurant!  Hey, like I said… Goals, not resolutions!


Happy New Year, friends!

word cloud for year 2015

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