That Weekend We Did Absolutely Nothing… {1/3 – 1/4}

This was the lowest key of low-key weekends.  The laziest of the lazy.  And after the last few weekends we’ve had, it was bliss.

We stayed in our pajamas 90% of the weekend, only leaving/getting dressed to go run and grab groceries on Saturday (of course I saw everyone I know at the grocery store, {even meeting a new friend I met in the blogger world,} with my hair plastered back in a headband and not a stitch of makeup on… and with Ms Harlow rebelling against socks, shoes, and having her hair done… le sigh.  What a hot mess I am.).

Even though I have to basically tear Harlow from her bed kicking and screaming every weekday at 6:30am, she woke up happy as a lark and rearing to go at 6:20am on Saturday.


Sunday we made a valiant attempt to get dressed and leave the house, but Polar Vortex Part Deux made its grand entrance and we deemed it far too treacherous to leave the house.  Freezing rain covered with a layer of snow?  No thanks!  Not just for a run to Kohls!

Southwest Michigan is sucksville right now.  The high for the week is 20.  Woo?


Plus, since having strep throat and the flu apparently wasn’t enough, I now am the proud owner of some other kind of sickness… sinus related, I believe.  Mild sore throat, painful head, just overall blucky from the shoulders up.

To compensate, Chris made his famous homemade pizza.  Seriously, so good.  We put the babe to bed and ate pizza while watching Broadchurch.  Anyone else watch this?  It is so good.  It is basically a British version of The Killing, which I loved.


Then last night, Harlow woke up at 1:20am and after lots of being up and crying (I blame teething… I feel like a broken record with that…) I finally got her to lay back in her crib with me laying beside her on the floor, holding her hand through the crib slats.  We both eventually fell asleep like that.  It was the sweetest thing.  Exhausting, but sweet.  I finally snuck back into my own bed at 4am.

Harlow’s recent sleep regression has made it hard to kick my caffeine/fancy drink habit!  I’m not sure what exactly is going on with her, but since getting back from my parents’  house, she has been sleeping pretty badly, and even initially going to sleep very hard, which has never been an issue since I gave her Blankie a year ago!  Anyway, you’d better believe I opted for a full-caffeine soy latte this morning.  So happy my friends gave me Starbucks Gift Cards this Christmas!!!

One other thing of note is that she started asking to use the potty yesterday.  Out of nowhere!  We ended up sitting on the potty four different times.  Nothing ever “happened”, and usually it right after she had gone in her diaper, but that is pretty big!  We’ll buy her an actual potty next weekend, and see where it goes.  I’m honestly not ready to potty train, yet.  I’d ideally like her to be 2 and a half, but if she’s ready, she’s ready, I guess!  We’ll see.  I’m thinking of just going with one of these insert potty seats… the thought of having to clean and disinfect a baby potty every time she uses it sounds so gross to me…  Any tips?

Minnie Potty Insert

So that’s my action-packed weekend!  Hope yours was great!


Any potty training tips for us???

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