Things on my mind today…

I don’t really have a focus today.  I blame the combination of sleep deprivation and cold medicine.  So instead, I’ll just give you a random bunch of topics rattling about in my brain.

Toddler Sleep Regression

As I have mentioned lately, my pretty decent sleeper has been sleeping horribly lately.  A quick Google search this morning reassures me that this is normal for her age.  It should only last 2 to 6(!) weeks.  OhmyLord I hope we’re at the low end.  It has already been almost two weeks… a loooong two weeks.  Last night, once again, she didn’t go to bed easily.  That’s the very mild version, anyway…  Then she woke up screaming at about 1:20am and I was finally able to just bring her to bed with me to sleep at about 2:30am.  I didn’t sleep well after that, since I woke up every time she moved (which was a lot, since it makes me nervous to have her in my bed because I’m scared she’ll roll off), but at least I slept some.


Sleepy but cute!



I’m pretty sure I should have been born in Hawaii.  I’ve never been a winter person.  Even as a little kid, I refused to play outside in the snow.  And with the way things look outside right now, and the low temps, it reinforces my beliefs.  Abbey’s with me on this one…



Since Chris, Harlow, & I all have March birthdays, we’ve been talking about maybe taking a trip in March to Disney.  We could escape the snow for a while, celebrate Harlow’s birthday there instead of having a birthday party for her here.  I’m a very nervous flyer, though, and know I’d be a wreck having my baby with me.  Plus I’m not sure she’s old enough to really be interested in it.  Maybe that would be a better idea for next year?  The only other time I’ve gone to Disney, we went with our entire family.  Chris and I were childless, and we basically didn’t do anything “Disney”.  We mostly just went out to eat and hung out at the pool (and the bar with my bro).  It was fun, but I think it would be so much more fun with a child, when Harlow is ready to really experience it!



Since I’ve been sick SO much in the last couple of years, especially the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking I should start taking some sort of immune-boosting vitamin.  I’ve never really taken vitamins other than my prenatals, so I’d have to do some research, but it is looking like a better and better idea.  I’m soooo over being sick all the time.



I used to be quite the compulsive list-maker, and I’m thinking I need to start doing that again.  I find myself getting overwhelmed at work, especially, and procrastinating on everything because I can’t decide where to start.  I think that also has to do with sleep-deprived brain cells, but still…  I am determined to get it under control.


That’s what is hopping around in my mind…

Hope your Tuesday has been going great!


What’s been swirling around your mind these days?

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2 Responses to Things on my mind today…

  1. I can relate on the lack of sleep. My 2 and 4 year olds have had the flu and have been keeping me up in addition to giving me the flu also! I have been thinking about full time work, as I have been freelancing from home for the past 2 years. Not made up my mind, but we’ll see what the future brings!

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