Send Help!!! Michigan is Under Attack from Old Man Winter!

Man, the last two days have suuuuucked, weather-wise.  I’m not one to complain about winter weather (cue laughing… all I do is complain about winter), but man, this is the worst.

People who live in warmer areas always seem to want to glamorize winter.  Let me tell ya, as someone who has experienced it for almost 36 years (oi!), it is no picnic.  Especially for 9 months out of the year, which is a lovely perk of Michigan.

Here’s what my car looked like when I left for lunch:


It doesn’t look like much, but the current wind chill is -9 and blowing sideways


Here’s the view from my office:


Here’s my stylish work accessory since it is FREEZING up in this joint:

Dis is mah blankie… so cold… unimpressed with winter.


Perception vs Reality

Like every other year, I’ve just got to put my head down and muddle through it until Michigan looks like this again for a couple of months:

Pure Michigan

Other cold-weather dwellers, how are you faring so far?

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