This Week’s Happenings & Some Lunch Eats

Well, folks, I’ve been wracking my brain thinking for something to write about this week and coming up blank.  January is a bleak, bleak time in Michigan and not great for my creative juices.

Work has been busy, and the rest of life has been, well, pretty quiet.

So here’s the lowdown:

Monday – Baguette de France

We had people in from Germany, so we ordered in from Baguette de France.  I almost never eat there, mostly because I forget about it, but when I do, it is soooo delicious.  I got the vegetarian BBQ Meatball sub and some chips.  I really ate way too much, but it so was worth it.


Tuesday – Cucina & Amore Quinoa Meal + Tofu

This was an impulse buy on my last grocery shopping trip, but I’m going to recreate it!  It was so flavorful!  I think it would be fairly easy to figure out how to make it.  I heated up the pre-made cuppie, then added some tofu.

Wednesday & Today – Nothing Special

I just had a quinoa burger with broccoli today and leftover Sloppy Joe’s for lunch yesterday.

Other Stuff:

Harlow’s back on her “picking out her own clothes” kick this week.


She started out wearing this in the morning…


…but had this on by the time she left for daycare at 7am.








She refused to take off her coat last night.


Also, I’m loving the current gas prices!  I took this lovely photo at a stop light this morning, from across the street, but in case you can’t see, it is $1.73 a gallon right now!


I just finished the podcast (my first!) Serial yesterday, and now I’m on the hunt for another one.  Any suggestions?  Serial was really interesting & I enjoyed it a lot.


I do have some fun stuff coming up to share, though, so stay tuned!


Any podcast suggestions?

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