Success & Healthy Decisions

Last night was another mess, folks.  Teething is a beast.  Harlow woke up just after I’d fallen asleep at 11:15pm.  I finally got her down again at 1am.  She screamed 90% of the time.  Oi.

Which, this morning, inevitably led me to (say it with me) STARBUCKS!!!


Here’s where the success comes in.  I was eyeing the donuts and had almost ordered one when… I DIDN’T!  *cue cheers!*

Which brings me to another crazy idea I concocted yesterday.

February is going to be a sugar-free month for me!

That means no chocolate, no ice cream, no donuts, nada!


I have a friend on standby for moral support…

I suppose that means I should overdose on all of those things until Feb 1st, right?  Riiiiight?

In addition to trying to squeeze yoga practice in during my lunch hour as I recently started doing, two more things will be happening that should lead to a healthier, more balanced Monica.

1).  Not reading the news.  At.  All.  (Barring silly celebrity-type “news” of course.  Gotta love the drama of the rich & famous…)  While I do currently try to avoid news, I have a bad habit of seeing a terrible headline somewhere benign (think sidebars) and feeling obligated to bear witness to the horror.  I almost feel a disservice to the victim (generally children or animals) if I don’t read about it.  I recently realized that all it does is upset me and that nothing good can come of reading something like that.  There is nothing I can do to change anything “out there” that happens.  Score 1 for mental health!

No news2

2).  ZUMBA classes!  A friend of mine talked me into joining her, starting in February, to a six week, Wednesday night Zumba class.  I did used to be a dancer, but I’m also notoriously clumsy (a paradox, I know…), so this might be interesting.  I never before considered doing Zumba because I always felt it was beneath my fitness level.  Currently, though, I just hope to make it through the entire class and hopefully not make too big of a fool out of myself!


Final point for today… last night I finally made tofu at home that was worth eating!  I’ve been struggling with making tofu at home for years.  YEARS!  I read up on a bunch of tips yesterday, and last night, SUCCESS!  It was so delicious that I didn’t even think to take a photo of the finished product.  I fried it up in some EVOO & a dash of low sodium soy sauce.  YUM!


Happy Hump Day and I hope everyone is having a great morning!

What healthy changes are you currently making?

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