Nail Stickers, Part Deux

Happy Friday, All!

So remember when I raved about Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips?  Well, I recently accidentally bought these instead…  The boxes are very similar.


Basically they are the same idea, but they are just stickers, and don’t “turn into” nail polish, for lack of a better description.

I read some reviews and they aren’t good…

The biggest complaint, and I agree, is that they have a texture to them that snags on everything.  The lace is an overlay on the actual sticker, so any kind of fuzzy it comes in contact with gets caught on them.  I took them out of my mittens earlier, and it looked like my fingertips were growing fur!  Okay, I exaggerate, but only a little.

I also don’t love that they are clear…  I don’t like seeing my nail underneath, but that’s just me, maybe?

Plus, according to the reviews I read (click on the photo above for the reviews) they also don’t last, but I just put mine on today, so I can’t attest to that.


So now that I’ve told you what I don’t like about them, I’ll tell you what I do like.


Again, like the “better” ones, they are super easy and quick to apply.  I literally made the decision to apply them this morning as I was getting ready for work, and running late!  Boom, boom, 5 minutes later, it was done.  It just gives a little pizzazz to my hands!  Gotta take the fancy where I can get it!!!



Excuse the winter hands…


Bottom line, they were cheap ($6), fun, and I would absolutely use them again for something.  Probably not for an every day nail, like I would with the Polish Strips, but maybe for an event where I wanted something special just for that day.  I saw online that they have Halloween designs… so something like that.

Have a great Friday, and fantastic weekend!

What simple things do you use to fancy up your life?

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