Harlow-isms – 22 Months

I haven’t done an update on Harlow for a long time, I know.  She just turned 22 months old on Sunday, and while the big milestones are past, like sitting up, crawling, and walking, the things you can do grand updates on, her milestones now are much subtler, but much, much more abundant!  I feel like I couldn’t possibly think of all the things she’s doing now to put into a post.  Her vocabulary is just exploding, she does somersaults, she tackles stairs, she helps me with things like putting away laundry or throwing her own garbage away.  There are a million little things that add up to make just the best little girl I could have ever imagined.  I seriously, every minute of every day, feel lucky and blessed to be her mom.

She won’t let me take her photo much these days, so I get a lot of shots of her back or the top of her head…  Oi.

wpid-20150121_065622.jpg wpid-20150123_180349.jpg wpid-20150127_070047.jpg








It seems like the only time I can get her to sit still is while she’s eating!

wpid-20150119_174649.jpg  wpid-20150126_173324_009.jpg















Or when she’s doing this…









This is her “camera smile”.

wpid-20150125_181236.jpg wpid-20150120_181033.jpg








For now, though, here are a few (not by any means even close to all) of my favorite things she’s been saying lately.


When I’m texting, checking my updates… anything phone related while I’m supposed to be watching her play or eat…

Mommy phone DOWN!

When she spits out food into her hand and hands it to me…

Ewww, gross!

After changing her diaper, picking up her toys, anything she doesn’t like me doing…

Why you DO that?

Also when changing her diaper…

Hooo-eeee!  Stinkybutt!

All the time, after doing anything like dropping a toy or similar…

Oh, dear…

When she sees me starting to get her bathie ready…

Nakey time!!! (then takes off running to her room)

Finally, last night when Abbey was hacking up a fur ball in the kitchen…

Monica… Abbey, are you okay?
Harlow… Yeah!
Monica… I was asking Abbey, silly.
Harlow… Yeah, Harlow’s okay, too.


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