Bloglovin’ & Three Things Thursday

Morning, All!

I’m now on Bloglovin‘!  Check it out!

I am so happy today is Thursday.  We had a somewhat rough night again last night… I have NO idea what has been going on.  I can’t feel any teeth budding, so… clueless.

So instead of thinking much, I’m going to share three things that make me happy.



Rollins vs Iggy


First up, this is only fun if you know and like both Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop.  Actually, that’s not quite true…  I barely knew either of them before stumbling upon this and I thought it was hilarious and entertaining.  *Be warned… there are lots of swears!*





This whole post.  I loved everything on Tina from Carrots ‘N’ Cake‘s post today… it has links to so many fun things.


Last, the support I’m getting about my Sugar Free February!  I’ve had several friends and coworkers privately tell me they have my back and will do whatever they can to help me break my sugar habit.  I’ve gotten a few teases, too, but even those people have then told me they support me.  It is pretty awesome!



What are you loving this Thursday? 

Anyone want to do the Sugar Free February with me?

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