How Life is “Supposed” to Be… and How it Really Is, My Sister of the Year Award, & Another Harlow-ism

That must be the longest title in the history of the blogosphere, right?

I just have a lot on my mind this morning!


While reading the Awesome Super Mom Chelsea‘s blog, I saw this quote she posted a screen shot of:

Joseph Campbell Quote

Word, JC.  Word.

If you had asked me in high school, I was going to be a photographer, and have four kids… three boys and a girl.  I had them named, even, although I have no memory of what the names were.

In college, I planned on being a high powered advertising agency executive living in some huge city, working in a sky scraper, and a late-in-life single mom (I wouldn’t have time or need for a husband) to one boy, named Diver Rain.  Oh, how I babbled on about Diver Rain…  OR I was not having kids…period.  I even had a button that said “I have better things to do with my life than to make babies”.  Oi, I cringe…

The reality is much different, obviously.  I live a very quiet, but very lovely life (mostly).  No, I don’t love every aspect, and I never thought I’d live in such a small town again, especially at this point in my life, but I have a husband I love, and who loves me, and an amazing daughter… you may have heard me mention her once or twice?  I do still find myself wishing this or that would change, and even get somewhat unhappy about it for a hot second.  So when I saw that quote, it was a bit of a snap in my face, waking me up.  No, things aren’t perfect.  But things are really, really good.  I’m SO glad neither of my younger “plans” worked out, let me tell ya!

So I’ve been nominated for the Sister of the Year Award!!!  It is very exciting…  let me tell you about it….

Yesterday, I got a text from my brother-in-law letting me know that my sister was out of surgery and doing fine after having bone fragments removed from her hip.  (Oh, shit… that was today, wasn’t it?)  I even KNEW it was the 27th, but work dates and life dates don’t mesh in my brain, and I completely spaced on it.  And yes, it is as bad as it sounds… she will have to have at least one hip replacement in the future, if not more.  Luckily, she’s home and doing great, and to some extent I am glad I forgot because I would have been stressing about it beforehand, but I feel like such a putz.  I really do love my sister a whole lot!!!

Lori & Mo

Bangs alert!

And last, my newest Harlow-ism…

Yesterday evening, after dinner, I was sitting on the floor watching Harlow play (attachment parenting, much?) and she was completely ignoring me… as long as I stayed right where I was.  Anyway… so Abbey grabs a toy and runs over to me, and sort of jumped on my leg, trying to entice me to play.  Quick as lightening, Harlow runs over to me, leaps into my lap with her arms around my neck and yells, “NO!  Harlow’s mommy!!!”.  Um… sorry, Abs!  We’ve got some sibling rivalry up here in da hizzouse!


Abbey was sulking and didn’t want in the picture after the sibling squabble…

Happy HUMP DAY, everyone!!!

What has been your biggest sibling fail? 

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