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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I’m so glad the week is over.  I’m excited to spend the weekend recharging my batteries, so to speak.  I have to admit, they are pretty drained right now.  Hilarious Pregnancy Brain Moments Sooo funny.   Dresses from … Continue reading

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I’m Throwing a Pity Party! Want to Come???

Okay, I generally try to be positive… especially since having Harlow.  Lately, though, it has been hard. I don’t know if it is the weather dragging me down (winter has never been my happy place) or if it is my … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend – {2/20 – 2/21} Grandpa’s House

Happy Monday! Oh, man… this week was a good one! Chris had to work all weekend, so on Friday after work, Harlow & I headed up to my parent’s house.  The whole way up, Harlow chattered and was so excited.  … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites – The Frozen Mitten Edition

Happy Frozen Friday! The weather here in The Mitten is chilly, to say the least… So instead of complaining, yet again, about the weather (oh, Spring, how I long for you…), I’ll just give you a few of my current … Continue reading

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Damn Delicious®!

Oh, hey, ya’ll! I recently stumbled on Damn Delicious®! and I’m positively salivating.  There are SO many, well, delicious-looking things on Chungah‘s blog! Here are a few I really want to try (ie. they are vegetarian & look easy enough … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tantrum

I’m so not feeling this week… Harlow ended up at the doctor again today.  Ear infection number…  I’ve lost count.  She’s been waking up a lot in the night the last few nights again, and has been holding her ear.  … Continue reading

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A Love-Filled What I Did This Weekend – {2/14 – 2/15…with a little bit on either side} – Beware…LOTS of pictures!

We had such a nice weekend! I got home for lunch on Friday and found this waiting for me on the table: So sweet. There was also a treat for Abbey: Harlow obviously got one, too, but that will come … Continue reading

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