What I Did This Weekend – {2/7 – 2/8}

This weekend was our town’s big ice festival!



But we didn’t go…

Harlow was still holding her ear, and we just thought dragging her around outside in the cold while we were still battling a double ear infection was a bad idea.

So instead, we did a lot of hanging around the house.



Feeling better!


We watched A LOT of Jake & Elmo.  We did make it out of the house for a couple quick errands, but other than that, we were hermits.

Harlow slept until 8am Sunday morning!  AFTER sleeping through the night!  I woke up feeling like… well, like I had actually slept!

She wanted to start her day fancy and made me put every single hair clip she owns in her hair.  We even had a headband in there for a bit, but it didn’t last.  She actually kept them in until naptime (which was a hearty 45 minutes… womp, womp).

Hair Bows

Sadly, I really have nothing more to report than this.  It was an extremely quiet weekend that was over in a flash.  Seriously, I can’t believe how fast it went!

I had planned on making some “chicken” noodle soup, but I couldn’t find the broth I need.  One of our local markets has some “No Chicken” broth, but I can’t remember where, and I wasn’t able to find it after going to all three of the places I normally go, so I’m hoping they didn’t stop carrying it!

Other than that, Harlow was so much fun.  She was huggy, lovey, funny, and so silly.  Like when she was trying to pop the bubbles on her pop book with her teeth… this isn’t that photo, but it’s a cute one!  Plus one of Abbey living in Harlow’s world…


Happy Monday, everyone!


Who went to a festival or something fun this weekend?


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