A Love-Filled What I Did This Weekend – {2/14 – 2/15…with a little bit on either side} – Beware…LOTS of pictures!

We had such a nice weekend!

I got home for lunch on Friday and found this waiting for me on the table:


So sweet.

There was also a treat for Abbey:


Harlow obviously got one, too, but that will come later.

Friday night Harlow ate dinner and was finishing up just as Chris got home and started snowblowing the driveway.  Harlow was so excited to see him out there!


Saturday morning we got up and Harlow and Daddy cuddled for a bit (with Cow, of course) before we opened all of our Valentine’s Day goodies.


Chris got Harlow a bag full of goodies, but the balloon was the big hit!

wpid-20150214_072851.jpgwpid-20150214_072925.jpgI know, I know… I REALLY have to stop using my phone for all my photos.  Blurry and annoying.  But sooo convenient!

After that, Chris went to work and Harlow ate her second breakfast (with Cow, of course).


I was super worried about naptime and how it would play out with our going to Eric Carle show, since the show was to start about the time Harlow is usually waking up.  The Toddler Gods must have been smiling on us, because I tried putting Harlow down an hour earlier than usual, and she went right to sleep!  She woke up at 1pm in a great mood, even letting me dress her in what I wanted her to wear!


We made it to the show, through a crazy blizzard (seriously), with time to spare!  It was a pretty bare-bones audience, but I think the weather scared a lot of families away, unfortunately.

We bought her the book & plush caterpillar for the show (I know, we’re total suckers) and waited for things to begin!


The lights went down, and the images of the three books that were to be performed went up, then disappeared.  In the dark silence of the room, you could hear Harlow scream, “COME BACK!!!” much to the giggling of the audience.  She was seriously perfect, though.  She sat so well and watched it all.  She got just a tad squirmy for about the last 10 minutes or so, but it was wonderful.  I can’t wait to go to more events with her!

They held a brief demonstration after the show on how they work the puppets.


Then Harlow took a very nice, non-squirmy photo with her mommy…


That face!  Lol…

After Harlow went to bed, it was time for Chris and I to have a super romantic Valentine’s Day Stay-In Date Night… which consisted of him running to grab a take-out pizza, and watching Sharknado 2 on Netflix.  Lol.  Honestly, it was perfect… for us.

Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014) PosterI have been informed that I’m no longer allowed to choose movies… Seriously, it was hilariously terrible, which I assume it was meant to be.  I heard they are making a third one?

Sunday was as low-key as you can get.  We hung around the house… didn’t take ANY naps (so glad this happened Sunday and not Saturday) and only left the house to get groceries.


A super nice, quiet Sunday.

Which brings us to Monday.  I misplaced Abbey this morning… can you help me find her?

wpid-20150216_070842.jpgMaking my bed is an exercise in futility.


Have a great start to the week!


Tell me what you did for Valentine’s Day!

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