Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I’m so glad the week is over.  I’m excited to spend the weekend recharging my batteries, so to speak.  I have to admit, they are pretty drained right now.

 Hilarious Pregnancy Brain Moments

Sooo funny.


Dresses from the Oscars

To be perfectly honest, some of my favorites made it on the “Worst Dressed” list!  Like the below.  I think it is so pretty and perfect for her coloring.  The back is even prettier!  I also really like Adam Levine’s wife’s dress, but I’m not a huge fan of the necklace/earrings/hair with it.  Maybe a little too severe?

Dresses Oscars 2015


Funny things that make me happy…


Sad when food is over(Source)




That’s all I’ve got today…


Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Friday Favorites

  1. Haha…The cow licking the guy in bed is hilarious.

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