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Two Years Ago Today…

Two years ago today I woke up just after midnight, certain that the Mexican food I’d had for dinner had been a bad idea. Two years ago today, after 9 hours of pain, I finally started to admit that maybe … Continue reading

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St. Patty’s Day Baby

Today is my husband’s birthday. That makes me happy. That is all.

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The Great Disappearing 3rd ‘Fix!!!

So I wrote up a nice little review of my third Stitchfix a while back.  I even posted it, and pinned it, and got some feedback on it. I went to look at it yesterday, and it is GONE.  *Poof!*  … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend – {3/14 – 3/15}

It was another great weekend, ya’ll!  I didn’t take many photos, though, unfortunately. First up, some news!  Harlow dropped her “night-night” bottle!  (We still have one in the middle of the night, but this is big, people!  She might not … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Randomness

To send this week off with a backhanded wave, I thought I’d share a few fun, random things.   If I were to commit a crime, it would probably resemble this.  In prison, they’d ask, “Whatcha in for?” and I’d … Continue reading

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Three Word Thursday

Up All Night Led To Destruction And Some Silliness Another Doctor Appointment (Harlow Dressed Herself) Another Ear Infection… Mom is Exhausted

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I pilfered this from one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea.  She’s seriously a wonder woman in my eyes.  Twin toddlers AND she meal plans?  Unbelievable. So for some silly fun, some of my currents!   Current Book I’ve been rereading … Continue reading

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