It’s MARCH!!! (Plus Our Weekend, and a Sugar Free February Recap)

Though I haven’t been feeling as cheery as usual, I am legitimately excited that it is MARCH!  So much fun stuff happening this month!

It is my birthday week!  I’m taking Friday off to do a bunch of fun stuff!  Or, um… stuff around the house that I’ve been trying to get to for… oh… two years-ish?  It is silly how excited I am to clean out my closet, for example.

Speaking of… this week I also will be getting my 3rd StitchFix!  Watch out for that post!

As I mentioned in a previous post, it is also Chris & Harlow’s birthdays this month!

Don’t tell Harlow, but we’re making her a play kitchen for her birthday!  This is our inspiration…


I’m ridiculously excited.  I’ll be sure to show you the finished product!

As far as our weekend goes, there isn’t much to talk about.  Saturday was a bit rough… Harlow was sleep deprived after a bad night, a silly-early wake-up time, and a boycotted nap.  We had a stressful trip to the grocery store, plus a return trip to the grocery store because of a dropped blankie… Oi.

Yesterday was MUCH better.  Harlow was a ton of fun, but we didn’t even leave the house, so not a lot to talk about…  Just a lot of playing and laughing.


I posted this on Facebook and my aunt commented that with all her toys, she was playing with a (destroyed) paper bag! lol…


She was on a newborn feeding schedule, though.  I swear she had a mini meal every 1-2 hours!  Growth spurt coming?


Finally, I made it through my Sugar Free February!!!

I am embarrassingly proud of myself!  I didn’t cheat EVEN ONCE!  Not one piece of chocolate.  Not one donut.  Not one cupcake… nothing!  I weighed myself this morning (just out of curiosity) and I lost somewhere around 4 or 5lbs.  Just from cutting out sweets.  I had even replaced them with other food like a banana with peanut butter, or granola!  Isn’t that crazy?

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not going to keep sweets out of my life in the future, but I have decided to (at least for a while) ban them from work, since that seems to be the worst time for my cravings.  Except for Thursday, since I’ll be bringing in donuts for everyone for my birthday…

That’s all I’ve got for now, folks…

Have a great Monday!
Talk to me!

Did anyone do the Sugar Free February with me?  How’d it go?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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