Pregnancy Announcement!!! (circa 2012…)


No, no, no… I’m not pregnant.  But one of my favorite bloggers, Julie, is!

Reading her announcement brought back so many good memories of telling our own families and friends that we were expecting.

As I’ve mentioned, Chris and I were married almost a decade before deciding to try for a baby.  People had given up on us “making an announcement”.

First, we told his parents by showing them a video of our ultrasound.  Their reactions were priceless.  My mother-in-law screamed, “TOM!  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?!?!?!”  and there were lots of happy tears.  Awesome.


Telling my family the next weekend was even more fun.  Under sneaky false pretenses, I had taken a photo of each kid in the family (6 of them) holding a blank sign a few weeks earlier.  Then I took a photo of myself holding the same blank sign.  In Photoshop, I spelled out Grandpa.

2012-09-29 11.54.54

After giving it to my dad (best reaction ever) and step-mom, we headed to my niece’s birthday party.  After a while, Dad said he wanted to show everyone what I made him, and showed the rest of the family.  It was an amazing moment.

After that, we told friends by showing them this photo:

Abbey announcement

The funny thing… several people thought we were just getting another dog.  Like I said… people had just given up on us having a child!  (Plus they knew how crazy we are about dogs…)

Thank you for indulging me on this little walk down memory lane.  I can’t believe my baby will be TWO YEARS OLD this month.  So many feels.

Tell me!

How did you announce your pregnancy?

What was the cutest announcement you’ve seen?

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Announcement!!! (circa 2012…)

  1. peacebeme says:

    I did the dog thing too and got the same reaction! I’m pregnant with my first baby and everyone in my family is surprised, thinking I would never have kids. I’m the world’s biggest dog lover so they all thought I was getting another dog!

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