I pilfered this from one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea.  She’s seriously a wonder woman in my eyes.  Twin toddlers AND she meal plans?  Unbelievable.

So for some silly fun, some of my currents!


Current Book

I’ve been rereading the Lincoln Lawyer series.  I really love those books and they are a fairly frivolous read, so it is easy to take in small bites in the 10 minutes before I fall asleep each night.  I really, really want to see the movie, but haven’t yet.  I do really think Matthew McConaughey is a perfect choice for the character, though.

Current TV Show

Haven.  Based on the Stephen King novel, The Colorado Kid.  It is a pretty good show, and has gotten MUCH better as the seasons go on.  Again, pretty frivolous and easy to digest.  Plus, Duke Crocker…



Current Excitement

Harlow’s upcoming birthday/birthday party.

Sneak peak at the theme (here are the cupcake toppers):

Jake DecorationsThank goodness for Etsy for making a girl-friendly Jake and the Neverland Pirates decorations package!  Girls like that show, too!  I’m lookin’ at you, Party City… I got the package here and the invitations here, in case you’re interested…  oh, and these adorable masks here!

So, yes, between the actual party, and the play kitchen, I’m a tad excited!


Also, we started looking at houses online last night.  That makes me equally excited and nauseous.

Okay, onward…


Current Exercise

Does constantly carrying a toddler around count?  No?  Okay, then… ummmm… moving on.

Current Nail Color

No polish…  My nails are a hot mess right now.  They are all breaking and peeling (I blame winter) and are all at different lengths.  I have been eying some new colors at the store for spring, though.


Current Song

I just rediscovered Need You Now by Lady Antebellum hiding on my iPod.  Love it.  Let me clarify… I generally detest country music, but this is a good song.  (Although, can I just say that while the video is pretty, it bugs me that they talk about drinking and being drunk, and he’s drinking coffee at a diner… is that nit-picky?  They couldn’t have a shot of him sitting at a bar?)

 Current Outfit

All the leggings!  As I mentioned, on my birthday I had a wildly successful shopping trip.  I bought a few shirt dresses that look great with leggings, and I’ve been basically living in them.  So comfy and stylish (for me…)!  I’ll try to remember to post a few pictures sometime.

Current Food

I’m in a super bad food rut.  I’ll pass on this one.  Mexican food sounds fantastic, though!

Current Drink

All I drink these days are one cup of half-caf coffee in the morning, water, and the very infrequent ginger ale.  When I remember, I drink hot water with lemon, but that hasn’t happened much lately.

Current Indulgence

I’m going to go with not being sick since Christmas.  And now that it is out in the atmosphere, I’ll probably come down with a doozey, but I think this is the longest I’ve gone without being sick since getting pregnant with Harlow.  I attribute it to taking Airborne.

Current Photo

I think this one of the crazy fog is pretty from this morning.  It almost looks like a painting.


Or this one… I swear I’m not a mean mom… Harlow LOVES carrying all the stuff she can hold.


Have a great Hump Day!

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