Friday the 13th Randomness

To send this week off with a backhanded wave, I thought I’d share a few fun, random things.


  • If I were to commit a crime, it would probably resemble this.  In prison, they’d ask, “Whatcha in for?” and I’d have to answer, “Cheese”.  Then I’d probably get shanked.


  • Random thought… the meaning of “blowout” changes dramatically after having a child.


  • I’m obsessed with these shoes.

Michael Kors Shoes


  • I forgot to share the silly thing I did on my birthday that made me way more happy than it should have because I’m a total nerd…  I got fuel and stopped the pump at $36 to commemorate my birthday.  See?  Total dork.



  •  I took this picture one year ago today.  Where did my baby go, exactly?


Happy Friday!


Life in Leggings Linkup!

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