Easter Basket for a 2 year old

Happy Easter!

Yesterday, the Easter Bunny visited our town, so after our non-nap (Harlow jumping around in her crib for 1.5 hours) we packed up and went downtown to meet up with a friend to see the Easter Bunny.  Harlow had zero interest in meeting the main event (but to be fair, it was a creepy looking bunny…) and she also wanted nothing to do with riding the carousel, so we just watched her friend, Ethan, and his mommy ride it.  We lasted about 20 minutes, total, before heading back home.  Which is why I have no photos of the actual outing… just the craziness before.  Oh, well!  Such is life in the world of a toddler.


Lunch fit for a Bunny!


Runaway bunny!


Hop, hop, hop!

Today we’re spending a low-key Easter Sunday here at the Baby Steps household.  The Easter Bunny visited us, and left some baskets and some eggs to find, but the rest of the day will just be a typical Sunday, just with bunny(ish)-shaped pancakes instead of normal ones…




Even Abbey got a gift from the Easter Bunny!



What is in a 2 year old girl’s Easter Basket?

Easter 20152 sippy cups, both found at Target, but I couldn’t find them online.

An Earth’s Best pouch

A cute raincoat

An Easter Book

A pair of $1 Minnie Mouse socks (dollar section of Target)

Have a fantastic Easter Sunday!

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