What I Did This Weekend – {April Edition}

By my very scientific calculations (finger & toe counting, mainly) it has been approximately 21 days since I last popped in.


So… what have I been up to in the last 3+ weeks?  Oh, man… lots! 


Harlow had three sessions of gymnastics. 

The Week of the Child was held at Harlow’s school.  She had Purple Day, Favorite Cartoon Character Day, Silly Hair Day, Super Hero Day (which I didn’t do anything for…), and Pajama Day.  It was pretty fun!


Purple Day & BIG smiles!


Dressed as Minnie Mouse… she was unamused that morning.


Wicked Faux-Hawk for Silly Hair Day!


Pajama Day!

I have about 76 grocery store trips under my belt (with another one on the books for today).

 We attended Harlow’s friend’s birthday party… gorgeous weather for it!


We finally got to break out the spring clothes! (for one day… then it snowed…)

I drank a LOT of sugary coffee (yes, I know I need to stop…). 

 I started eating salads this week(!) which is huge for me, since I’m a terrible vegetarian…  Cheese and carbs, baby!  My body doesn’t even know what to do with all those vegetables! 

 Erm…   I’ve watched plenty of Netflix. (Kimmy Schmidt, anyone?)

 Harlow did some coloring (and ate a crayon while I turned my back for 2 minutes to vacuum a room… guess I just can’t clean… darn.).


 Let’s see… we bought a house, and went for a couple of walks around the neighborhood.

 Wait, what?  Oh, yeah… we bought a house!

I mean… we haven’t moved yet or anything, but we digitally signed offers that were accepted by the current homeowner, so… yeah.  I’m excited and very, very anxious.  I hear that’s normal?  I’m most looking forward to the gorgeous walk-in closets and the amazing back deck.  I do have a bunch of photos, but since it is filled with the current owner’s personal belongings, I did not feel they were appropriate to post.


Soothing photo of Harlow picking flowers… breathe…

Speaking of anxiety… I’ve been the not-so-proud owner of BUNCHES of it for the last few months.  I touched on it a while back, but it has not let up.  I’m hoping it is mostly because of the BIG decision to buy a new house and all the uncertainties that come along with that… and that once we are moved in, I’m back to myself.  Time will tell.

Tell me!

What do you do to decompress when things start seeming unmanageable? 

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3 Responses to What I Did This Weekend – {April Edition}

  1. Oh my goodness Harlow is too cute in all of those outfits. And I LOVE that faux hawk! Tell me, on pajama day did she get to just wake up and go? Those are the best!

    Congrats on the decision to buy a new home! For de-stressing I like to watch a movie while eating chocolate and/or taking a bubble bath! 😀

  2. babymakinmachine says:

    Dude, did my last comment save? The one time I don’t copy it just in case!

    So, as I was saying… Harlow is SO cute in all of her outfits and I LOVE that faux hawk! I’m dying to know… Did she get to just wake up and go on pajama day? Cause that’s the best.

    Congrats on deciding to buy a new home! How exciting!

    As far as de-stressing I like to read a book, watch a movie while eating chocolate and/or while taking a bubble bath! 😀

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