Waving the White Flag

I’m really bummed to write this, finally, but I have to admit to myself that, at least for now, I’m

I just have zero time available to write anymore, and though I’m really sad about it, I am giving up for now.  I love writing.  It is an outlet for me.  I love sharing, and writing about Harlow, even if it is just something I can look back on to remember her at this age.  The reality of the situation, though, is that I can’t do it right now.  The “Terrible Two’s” are no joke, and things have been difficult since the move.  Harlow has mostly acclimated, but NOT when it comes to night-time, and naps, and… well, basically all my free time.  So, I’ll keep working on it, and working to get back here, because… I love it.  But for the meantime, I’ll miss you, Baby Steps.  Hope to see you soon.

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