The Little Things


Greetings from the gloomy lower corner of SW Michigan! It is so humid (yet chilly?) and gray out. The sun is trying its best to shine through, but things don’t always go according to plan, do they?

However, inside it is a good day to talk about Harlow’s latest obsession. Barbie. Her grandparents hauled out the Barbie toys and house for her to play with on our visits about a year ago, and Harlow was instantly enamored. Eventually we got her a Barbie of her own (and the several more, including two Chelseas, three Krissys, and a Ken). For her birthday, Chris once again took out his building skillz and made her a dollhouse.


Before it was completely done…


Since then, I’ve tried my hand at a few little Barbie projects (although, to be honest, I’ve mostly scoured Ebay for Barbie swag.) The latest was to revamp some Gloria food (knock-off Barbie brand from waaay back). The food came to me looking terrible. The printing was off and the food looked just plain gross. So I set about making new labels using Harlow’s favorite foods. Just a quick Google search and some sticker printer paper and Ta-da!



Before: Notice the terrible double-printing and gross photos/colors.  Blech.


After: Filled with labels of Harlow’s favorite foods!

It looks so much fresher and up-to-date! I have about a bazillion more ideas I want to try, too, so stay tuned!

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