Barbie Baby Bottle DIY (or you can cheat…)

Do you know how hard it is to find Barbie stuff?

Like, seriously hard.

I scour eBay and Etsy, but if there is something I have in mind that Harlow needs, I either can’t find it at all, or it is more money than I would ever care to pay. (Or maybe I’m just terrible at navigating these sites – which is very possible.)

For example, this one has three baby bottles (which would be good since Harlow has three Krissy Doll babies), but they look pretty boring (all one color) and are three for a total of $13! I’m sorry, but for $4.33 a piece, they just aren’t cute enough. Plus, did you notice they are used? Yikes.babybottle


I decided to try my hand at making my own using old pen parts, some pink nail polish, and hot glue.  (Admittedly, this won’t be free unless you have the pens laying around like I did.)  For the nipple, I used the nub of a stylus pen, and in one, the actual pen tip (don’t do that – getting it all free of the ink was a nightmare!) and in the other, just a dab of hot glue.  For the actual bottle, I used an old Christmas pen that had different colored rings on it. (I can’t find a similar pen online, but it had rings like these – second photo before paint.)

After I was done:


Finished Product

I was pretty proud of myself and what I had created!


And then…


I got a call from my sister asking if I wanted some baby bottles for Harlow’s Barbie babies…


Um… okay?  Sure?


Apparently you can buy a whoooole bag of them for just over $1 in the baby shower decorations department at Walmart.




le sigh.

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