Butterfly Fairy Wands DIY

Several months before her birthday, I asked Harlow what she wanted her party theme to be, and she answered with a hearty “TINKERBELL!” She said she wanted all of her friends to have fairy wings and wands.

After a quick trip to Etsy, I realized I was not going to be buying fairy wings or wands there. Even the cheapest gets pretty pricey when you have a dozen+ kids to outfit!

I was very lucky to find wings and matching skirts for $1/each at Dollar Tree online.

You do have to buy them in bulk, but I figure for that cheap, I can always give away or sell the extras. On Etsy, the cheapest I could find a skirt was around $4/each, and the cheapest I could find wings (that wouldn’t necessarily match the skirts) was around $5/each. Neither of which would have been a problem if I only needed a few, but with 12-14 kids, that got pretty pricey. And that was before the wands were added on!

The trickiest part, however, ended up being the wands.

I stumbled upon these, and they were so beautiful – I almost just bought them.
There were two problems, though… First, there was no pink incorporated in them, and one of my wing/skirt sets was pink. Second, they were pricey and only came in sets of 12 (which would have ended up being fine, since we only had 12 kids show up, but we had invited 14). For around $4 each wand, I just couldn’t justify the cost when I might end up not having enough anyway.

So what to do? Of course, I made my own… and it was SO easy!  Here’s how I did it:

Dowels – around $4 for 20 – craft section of local craft store – but you can get them ANYWHERE (and save even more money if you have the ability to cut normal dowels).
Glitter tape – under $6 for 2 rolls – craft section of Meijer
Ribbon – $1 for one roll
Hot Glue
Bulk Butterflies – $4 for 20 on ebay (still available)
Jewel stickers – Walmart – $1 for a whole sheet which was more than enough.
Jingle Bells – had on hand

Total: $16

Entire outfit total: $64 (not counting the fact that I had LOTS of extras that I can donate or sell).

Even if I ate the cost of all the extras, each kid still only cost around $5 total.


All I did was wrap the tape around the dowel, and hot glue each end to secure it.  Hot glue the butterfly to the stick.  Thread the ribbon through the bell, and tie it around the stick.  Stick a jewel on the top and bottom of the dowel to finish off the look and cover the “wood” part.  That’s seriously it.  I did all 14 of them in maybe 40 minutes.


Happy Crafting!


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