DIY Barbie Swimsuits

Is it just me, or is there something exceedingly creepy about naked Barbies?  Maybe I’m biased because I know the History of Barbie, but, just… ew.


The first few Barbie Dolls Harlow received were the kind with built-in bathing suits.  I loved them!


Princess Leilani (aka Nikki) is Harlow’s favorite!

I thought it was such a great idea to have a permanent “covering” on the dolls!  It didn’t hinder the fashion aspect of the dolls in any way, and it kept things from getting seedy between wardrobe changes.

Then she started getting dolls without the suits.  Ugh.  I was so tired of seeing Barbie boobs everywhere!  So I decided (with Harlow’s help and permission!) to give them all a swimsuit makeover!


  • Painters tape
  • craft scissors (the kind that make fancy patterns)
  • Nail Polish – I used the cheapie kind for $1.99, and even found some on sale, 5 for $5!


I just cut the tape out in a pattern, placed it where we wanted the lines of the suit to be, painted, and let dry!  SO easy and pretty quick!  I love the result.  They look SO cute!


Harlow loves them and is so happy with the results!  We have about 3 more to do, but I think they turned out wonderfully!

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