DIY Women’s Superhero Boots

Hello, and Happy (day after) Halloween!

My daughter (and our dog) wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year.  My daughter also wanted ME to be Wonder Woman.  Do you know how hard and expensive it is to get a non-slutty women’s costume these days?  Ugh!  I finally found a plain tank-style dress (that was still PLENTY short on me and NOT cheap) at Party City (of course it is 1/2 off now…), but had to buy all the accessories separately.  One thing I could. not. find. was any kind of shoe or boot to wear that wasn’t $60+.  Even the cheap “shoe covers” were relatively expensive and they all got terrible reviews, anyway.

I really wanted these, but couldn’t justify the $80 price tag!

Superhero Boot

So, as I do with all things, I obsessed and plotted and decided to make my own.  All for around $3.  Using the pair I wanted as a loose guide, I ordered a pair of red vinyl thigh-highs from ebay (warning: you may get some weird junk mail for a while after ordering something like this…) for under $3.  I used a pair of my own heels, and shoved them down into the vinyl tight as far as I could and poked the heel of my shoe through the vinyl.  The thigh-highs ran very, very small.  The “thigh” part was almost tight on my calf, but that worked just fine for my purposes.  I then used my Cricut to make and cut out some white vinyl adhesive stars in varying sizes.  I just slapped them all over the “boots”.   I cut most of the excess off the toe and folded over and glued down the flap that was left over.



Things I would have done differently…

  1. If possible, I would use a different pair of heels.  This pair had flowers on the toe, so there are major lumps under the boot.  It is literally all I had, though, so… it is what it is.
  2. I would wait to put the vinyl adhesive stars on until I was ready to wear them.  I wasn’t sure if it would work, so I did a “test run” on the boots, put the stars on, and then took the boots off.  The “legs” shrunk back down, mangled the stars and made them start to peel off in spots.

In conclusion – are the boots perfect?  Absolutely not!  But for $3, I got a pair of Wonder Woman boots for the hour I needed them to walk around with my Trick-or-Treating kid, and that was my goal.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Now go eat some candy!  We’ve all gotta fatten up for Gobble Day!  Right?  😉


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