Walgreens For Christmas!

FYI, nothing I do is ever sponsored (obviously), but I just wanted to share a recent experience.

Last year, I designed an image of a Christmas tree using all of the grandkids’ names from my husband’s side of the family for my Mother-in-Law.  I ordered a canvas through Snapfish, and I remember thinking how expensive it was, even with the sale that was going on, but it turned out really nicely, so I was very pleased.


Obviously not on the canvas yet

This year, I attempted to do the same thing for my step-mom, using the names of the kids on my side of the family.  I designed it up, put the jpeg on Snapfish, made the canvas, and hit the button to purchase… and got an error message.  After several attempts (my paypal emailed me SIX times to tell me that it was authorized to pay $46 to Snapfish once the order was processed), some time on both live chat and email with one of their representatives, and some failed suggestions, my order never went through.  Plus, the shipping time was such that I would have had to pay for expedited shipping to get it in time for our party if it ever did go through – which, I will remind you, it never did.

I got fed up and deleted my project from the cart.  Then I remembered seeing that Walgreens had canvases, too.  So I headed over to their website, made my canvas, and picked it up after work, all for $23!  Half the price, same day delivery, and it looked every bit as good as the canvas I ordered for my MIL last year.  Seriously!  I was so excited.  If I ever need another canvas, I’m not even going to try to go anywhere else.


Tis the season!  Falalalalalalalala!

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