One Sick Puppy (and how to get her to take her meds!)

Hello!  I swear, this has been the longest January EVER.  It was snowing yesterday, and the temps today are finally “warming up” into the 40’s!  Woo.  I guess April Showers Bring May Flowers isn’t really the case this year.

I’ve talked about my sweet baby dog, Abbey, on here before.  A few weeks ago, I noticed I was filling up her water bowl many more times throughout the day.  My husband brushed it off on the dryness of the weather, or more playtime, but I had a feeling.  Luckily, her yearly appointment was already scheduled.


She’s the only dog on the planet who LOVES the vet.

When we went in there, I requested that we set up an appointment to get her teeth cleaned as well.  Bloodwork was involved in that, so while they took blood, I told them about her unusually high water intake.  They checked some more stuff in her blood, and discovered a liver infection.  They “hope she doesn’t have hepatitis”.  (Is that a thing?  Dogs can get hepatitis???)

In the meantime, she is on a prescription for two weeks.  She does. not. like it.


The cherry-flavored (gross) pill has to be chewed, so I can’t even just wiggle it down her throat like previous prescriptions.  After two days of smothering the little pills in peanut butter (which she just licked clean and spit out the pill time and time again), hiding it in her food (which she would just spit out when she got to it), and wrapping it in cheese (see previous spittage comments), I finally wised up!  I could be like Alicia Silverstone and PRE-CHEW her pills!  Okay, so I don’t actually chew them, but what I have started doing is crushing them with a fork into small pieces, and mixing them with delicious wet dog food.

(see below for unsuccessful attempts… too funny not to document)



Now she downs her pills, and I know she’s getting every single crumb, because she licks the plate clean!  One thing to learn from me, though, is DO NOT try to mix it on her level…  I had the plate down on the floor, crushing the pills, and lifted my hand off the plate to open the dog food… and at that moment, Abbey slapped the side of the plate with her paw (similar to this).  Medicinal dust flew everywhere.  It was all over the floor, plus a fine white powder coating on the cabinet next to us… a total loss.  Now I mix it on the counter like a normal person!  Go me!


We go back for more blood work when she’s done with the pills.  A Google search has me terrified it may be hepatitis.  Wish us luck!!!

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