Abbey Update 1

It just occurred to me that I haven’t provided an update on Abbey!  It was a long couple of months.


When I last mentioned her, she had just had an adventure,  and she was in the middle of taking her meds for her liver infection.  We ended up having to give her the meds for an additional two weeks, because when we went in to have her re-checked after the first round, they  realized that the pharmacy had given us the wrong dosage, and we’d been giving her far too little of the medication.  So another two weeks of meds, and another recheck, and… nothing.  Her levels hadn’t budged.  Apparently sometimes bad teeth can cause liver issues, so the vet decided to move forward with her teeth cleaning (which is what started this long journey).  They had to adjust the anesthesia to protect her liver, and ended up extracting a tooth that was abscessed, and two or three sections of her gums.  Poor baby.  She was on pain meds for a week, and wet dog food for three weeks!

She came home so drugged.  It was both hilarious and terrifying.  They had gotten a late start on her, due to another surgery before hers that had taken far longer than anticipated.  She was staggering around like a drunk doggo.  I had to carry her up and down even the two stairs from our back porch to the yard to potty, and even then, she kept falling over.  I was so relieved when she was perked up the following morning!


So… next steps.  In about one more month, we have to have her blood checked again to see if her liver is doing better with that abscessed tooth gone.  If the levels are back to normal, GREAT!  If not… I have no idea what the next steps are.  She’s never acted sick.  She’s always eaten and played and behaved the same.  I’m hoping her tooth was just messing with her system and all is well.  I’ll give an update on her after her next checkup!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!  It’s gonna be another scorcher here!


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