That Time I Quit My Job…

Hola and hello!

This is my first week of early (and most likely somewhat temporary) retirement!  It is the oddest feeling in the world to not have a job to go to, and/or to not be frantically looking for another job.  I was once unemployed for around a year and a half, when the economy tanked a decade ago, but I was desperately looking for ANY job at that point.  This is… different.

How it came about is that my little girl started kindergarten.


I know, I know… the typical SAHM mom goes BACK to work when her little starts school, but I’ve never really followed the crowd.  What it came down to is that we would have had to find a new daycare (her daycare didn’t bus to her school district, or we may not have made this decision), then shuttle her to and from home/daycare/school/daycare/home.  In the end, it was too much for OUR family.  Harlow has never been great with change, and that would have been A LOT of change all at once.  We are lucky enough that we can make it on one income (even though we now have to pay for our own insurance and that is FAR more expensive per month than I even made working!), at least temporarily, and the timing was just… well, I won’t say the timing was “right”, but it was “okay”.

Here’s the weird thing…  I don’t want to be a SAHM.  I need the rigid schedule of a work day.  I do really poorly without anything concrete to do.  The good thing is, things at home have piled up for, oh, about 5.5 years, so there is a lot for me to do RIGHT NOW.  Like go through and start to organize 5 years of artwork.


Next is the toy room, the closets, the pantry, the storage room in the basement… I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it.  Today I had to clean out the cupboard under the sink where apparently ALL the mice like to hang out.  I detest mice.  It was the most disgusting thing ever.  I put out a bunch of traps, but I hope they get the hint and move out on their own.  I don’t like the idea of killing anything… even disgusting, dog food stealing, pooping, spatula eating little vermin.  (I’ll spare you that photo… gross.)

gray mice in the middle of walls

Photo by David Bartus on


One thing I’m excited about, though, is having more time to focus on crafting, maybe starting a business, and posting on here!  I am hoping to get back to photography (you know… that thing listed on my college diploma?).  I plan on getting back into running and yoga, and eventually pursuing my dream of being a yoga instructor!  There are a lot of exciting things that CAN happen, if I can just keep working toward my goals!  In the meantime, I have more paper piles around my  house that need to be gone through than a paper plant… or something.

I hope you all have had a great week, and that you’ll continue to follow my adventure, wherever it leads.

Change requires change.

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