Surprisingly Romantic Gift for Him

My husband is so, so, so hard to buy for.

He works so very hard, and doesn’t have time for hobbies, doesn’t drink often, and dresses casually for work.  There is literally nothing left to buy him!  If you search for gift ideas for men, you come up with ties, tie clips, cufflinks, golf/fishing/hunting gifts, and beer or liquor paraphernalia.  Those things help me… not at all.

So with our 15th wedding anniversary coming up, I tried and tried to think of a nice gift for him.  I failed, miserably.  I often try to get him a “traditional” gift, by the year, but this year was crystal.  I mean… crystal?

Then it came to me!  A t-shirt that looks cool, but with a romantic undertone!  I looked up the lyrics to “our song”, spiralized them, and added them to a nice t-shirt.


It turned out awesome!  He loved it!  He was really excited when he saw it was the lyrics to our first dance as man and wife (Little Trip to Heaven by Tom Waits for those wondering)!

What are some things you’ve gotten the men in your lives?

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