Last Summer Day

Yesterday was gorgeous.  And so, so very hot.  Just before it was time to pick Harlow up from school, I had the idea of heading downtown to the splash pad.  We had only made it there once so far this summer, and I thought it would be a fun treat for her on our rare evening off to celebrate what most likely was the last summery day of the season.

I picked her up from school, let her in on my plan, and she was over the moon!  We got down there, and it was closed.  ARGH!  I was disappointed.  She was devastated.  Luckily a quick search online told me it was only closed for another hour, and we were within walking distance of the beach, so… plan salvaged!   Whew!20180920_164631



I was a little concerned that everybody would have the same plan as me, but as you can see, we had the entire splash pad to ourselves!  It was so much more relaxing than it normally is, with 30+ kids running around!

Now that our summer is officially over, it is time for all things fall!  I am sitting, sipping a Starbucks Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte, and working on some fall crafts!  Hopefully soon, I will have a page on here where you will be able to purchase some of the fun items I make!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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