How To Turn Your Old Baby Stuff Into $$$

Happy Friday, All!

I have accomplished next to nothing this week.  I did not run (I was on day 5 or 6 of my C25K), I did not craft, I did not blog, I did not accomplish anything on my to-do list.

What I did do, was battle mice and mouse poop, clean out the back storage room in the basement (initiated by aforementioned mouse and mouse poop), and make money on old baby gear!

close up of pink indoors

Let’s back up… in July, I got it in my head that all the baby stuff had. to. go.  I was sick of it taking over my storage room, and since I knew there was zero chance of baby 2 (or 3 or 4), I just wanted it gone.  I took a couple of days to sort out the baby clothes into sizes, then trudged around 8 huge bins to our local resale shop.  I would NEVER do this again.  After two months (and a ton of stuff given back to me, making me have to lug huge, heavy bins up and down stairs and in and out of cars), I went back to collect $40.  This included clothing, a pack-n-play, newborn accessories, sleep sacks, and shoes.

I took the items they didn’t want, and slapped them on Facebook Marketplace.  In ONE WEEK, with only the discarded clothing and some baby gear they didn’t want, I have earned over $100.  I really, really wish I could undo giving my “good” stuff to the resale shop.  Oi.  Lesson learned.  I still have to keep going back periodically for months (until all my stuff is sold) to see if I have any measly bits of cash coming my way.  What a pain.

A friend told me about Facebook Marketplace ages ago, but I was totally not interested.  I was SO wrong!  It is so easy, quick, and painless.  Plus, it is getting stuff out of my basement!  I still have several things for sale that I’ve been getting lots of interest on, so I anticipate even more money coming my way!


This isn’t something I would only recommend for a stay at home parent… if anything, that has hurt me!  I am only willing to meet people for an exchange during school hours, and most people want to meet after work hours.  So this is literally something anyone can do and succeed at!

Happy selling, and have a great weekend!



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