Cleaning Toys in the Washing Machine

So… I’ve written about my mouse problem a lot lately.  I am so, so, so sick of them!  They are so smart!

black and white mouse

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But I digress…  One issue I’ve had, is that toys I temporarily stored in the back room in the basement in open-topped bins (see “temporarily”) had mouse poop (and some unidentifiable orange goo that I attribute to the mice) on them when I tried to take them out to use them again.  GROSS!  I almost just got rid of them, but we have a TON of Fisher Price Little People sets, and Harlow still likes to play with them.

So I had to wash them.

Because I’m a little lazy, I didn’t follow the online search advice to take a disinfectant wipe and wipe down each individual piece.  Instead, I gathered up all the small pieces without batteries or stickers, stuck them in a few mesh laundry bags, and threw them in the wash on a hot cycle with a little soap.  Set the machine to NO SPIN!  Trust me!!!

They came out nice and clean.  A few had some water in them, but I was able to easily shake it out.  All I have left to clean are the castles/large toys, and the few items with stickers on them!


Have a great day!

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