Halloween Kitchen/Coffee Sign

Hi, Ya’ll!

I know this is BRAND NEW INFORMATION, but I love Halloween and Coffee!!!

I’ve been decorating the house and digging through costume bins, and basically just going HALLOWEEN CRAZY!  Yes, I already bought Harlow’s Halloween Costume.  Yes, I’ve already had countless Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I am proudly the most basic of… well, you know.



Anyway, in my search for some new Halloween swag, I was trying to find a kitchen decoration to replace my “Coffee” sign.  Apparently, like so many other things, they don’t exist.  So, like so many other things, I made my own!  I got the wooden sign frame from JoAnn Fabrics on clearance for $5 or $6 dollars.  I had the glitter iron-on (YES!  You can use iron on material on wood!!!) and, Ta-Da!



To cover the hook hanger, I stuck on a spare sparkle spider from my wreath project (I just bought the wreath over the mantle and added a couple of sparkly bats and a spider to fancy it up – not worth a post…) and literally just stuck it on the hook… I’m not sure it will stay, so I might have to figure out something else, but for now it works!

OH!  And I finally got to break out my Halloween Haunted House leggings!  So cute!!!


Happy Thursday, everyone!


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