Barbie Closet – Part 2

Okay, this was kind of a mess.  It did not turn out AT ALL like my imagined closet of Barbie’s Dreams.  Se la vi.  Harlow still loves it, and that’s really all that matters, right?  Right… mostly.  Like, 80%.  Anyway.  When I last talked to you, I was fighting Mod Podge.  UGH.  That stuff.  Maybe someday I’ll figure it out?  Maybe?  Or not.  It was a mess.  I would probably do… almost every single thing differently if I were ever to attempt it again.  The only thing that actually worked out perfectly was using the bamboo skewers as hanger rods.  Perfect for Barbie-sized hangers!  Anyhoosies, here’s the final product.img_20181011_170429_345img_20181011_170429_344

For me, gluing in thin pieces of cardboard to use as dividers did. not. work.  So, I used entire, folded sheets of cardboard covered in paper, and glued the whole shebang on there.  I also did end up cutting off the flap on the front, because it just wasn’t feeling useful.  img_20181011_170429_346

Not perfect, but like I have to constantly remind my perfectionist 5 year old, nothing has to be perfect… just your best.

Have a great day living your best.

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