Monster Munch Game (and More!)


Hello, all!

Since my recent career change, I’ve been free to participate in Harlow’s school activities so much more than ever before (at her daycare/preschool)!  It has been really wonderful!  An added perk is that I get to play in my craft room a lot!

I am a Room Parent this year, and one of the first responsibilities is to help plan the Halloween party!  This is a total hardship for me, since I can’t STAND anything Halloween related… HA!

I was put in charge (or I may have shimmied my way in charge) of the games and crafts.

Here’s what I came up with.

First up, is the Monster Munch game!

For this I used:

  • huge box
  • green poster board
  • giant googly eyes from the dollar store
  • adhesive glitter paper from the dollar store
  • sticky fur sheets from the dollar store (LOVE that place!)
  • squishy oranges from the dollar store (close enough to pumpkins…)
  • glitter foam sheet
  • white sticker paper
  • scissors/glue/Cricut

The final product:



It turned out so, so cute, and I can’t wait to see the kids playing!  Harlow tested it out and approved!


The next game I decided on was a Jack-O-Lantern Ring Toss!

Originally, I was going to make them into witches hats, but they were so cute and orange, I couldn’t resist going the Jack-O-Lantern route with them, too.  Plus… easier.

For these I used:

  • sports cones from the dollar store
  • adhesive glitter paper from the dollar store
  • Cricut
  • glow sticks for the “ring”



The craft portion is going to be paper plate art.  I’m doing  cats, spiders, and yet more Jack-O-Lanterns!  I am going to give them a personal touch by having the stem for the Jack-O-Lantern, the whiskers for the cat, and the legs for the spider all be handprints that the kiddos can trace and cut out.  It should be really cute.  My original inspiration was this, but I’ve sort of deviated quite drastically from that.

Get the kids involved with decorating the house for Halloween. Or use these ideas as an activity if you’re throwing a seasonal party.

Original inspiration – Link provided above


They don’t look like much, yet, but I’m excited to see them after they the kids work on them!  I also have green paper plates that I’m thinking I might do some sort of alien?  But I haven’t quite figured out a great way to do that, yet, especially using hands, so… for now, it might just be these three…

For these I’m using:

  • adhesive glitter paper from the dollar store
  • poster board
  • paper plates
  • white paper
  • googly eyes from the dollar store
  • foam sheets from the dollar store

The last thing I’m planning to do is broomstick snacks!  Snacks aren’t really my “job”, but I found some Halloween pencils at Target’s Dollar Spot, so…  *ahem*…

Anyway… I’m doing these.

Create these CUTE Broomsticks from Pretzels (Easy Non-Candy Halloween Snack) – Hip2Save

Aren’t they adorable?  Hopefully they are as super easy as they look!

I will be sure to post some photos of the finished products for you!

Have a great Monday, everyone!



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