After the Party

Well, the party is over.  The actual birthday is over.  My house is a disaster.  My craft room looks like a tornado hit it.  Any sane person would take a few days and clean everything up and relax a little after all the meticulous crafting and planning and worrying over every little detail.

I am not a sane person.

I am a person that is blatantly ignoring the filth around her and already obsessing over NEXT year’s birthday party.  Yes, I already have a plan and have been pinning like a fiend.  If only I could use my obsessive personality for productive things like cleaning or cooking or yardwork or business ventures.  Le sigh.  20190326_124325Today my focus has been on Easter.  When I get an idea in my mind, if I can’t get to it right away, it just festers and pops up at really annoying times, like when I wake up at 2am to help Harlow go potty and can’t get back to sleep.  So, today I finally got one of those ideas out of my brain so I can rest!  Harlow will never deign to wear a t-shirt (the horror!) so I have no idea what to do with this, but I had to make it.  I love how it turned out!  I even made a sweet, simple little mug on a whim.  So cute.



Next up is taking down our St. Patrick’s day decorations and replacing them with ALL THE EASTER!!!  Eggcellent!  Sorry.

Have a great Tuesday!

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