Easter Basket for a 6 Year Old

I’m one of “those moms” who doesn’t love giving her kid tons of candy.  I’m really lucky in that Harlow never really developed a taste for sweets, anyway.  She’ll scrape the frosting off a cupcake and eat three small bites, then be finished!  Even during Halloween, she loves the thrill of the hunt, and I end up putting one or two small pieces of candy in her school lunches for a few days, but eventually, I end up eating most of the candy.  #momsacrifices

So what do you put in Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets if you can’t/don’t want to load them with candy?  Here’s what the Easter Bunny is bringing this year:


I grabbed a 100pc puzzle from the Dollar Tree, and put a few pieces in each egg (but you could EASILY make that the entire hunt by putting fewer pieces in each egg!).  That took care of about 20 eggs.  For the other 10, I put non-candy treats such as Play-Doh eggs, small toys (such as a bouncy ball), jewelry, and coins.

For the actual basket, this year Harlow will be getting:

  • two pairs of bunny ears
  • two bunny pens
  • a pair of cloth fairy wings (similar to this, but much cheaper from Walmart)
  • two suckers (pretty much the only candy she loves, and the bunny nose is hilarious!)
  • lip balm
  • bunny socks
  • a new kite
  • nail stickers
  • a bunny cup
  • stuffed bunny
  • lotion
  • carrot erasers
  • knee/elbow/hand pads (replacements for the ones she’s worn out)


Everything in her basket, with the exception of the safety pads, were $3 or less.  I bought most things either at the Dollar Tree, Target’s Dollar Spot, or the local grocery stores at their rotating holiday section.  I really wanted to add some gardening stuff, since we are trying to start a garden this year, but I ran out of space!

I really wish I had done a post like this every year.  I know last year, most, if not all, of her eggs contained Barbie accessories – shoes, jewelry, etc.  Her basket is a complete blank to me.  I did, however, do a post on her basket from when she was two, if you’re in that demographic now!  It was so much simpler back then!  We didn’t need to fill the eggs – the hunt was enough for her!  This is such a fun age, though.

The below photo was 2017, age 4…  I don’t believe I started filling the eggs until last year for the egg hunt.


Looks like a bunch of Barbie stuff, doll clothes, and socks?


What do you put in your Easter eggs and baskets?


Happy Easter!


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