Baby Steps

Things have been hard since my dad passed away.  But as he said, “Life is for the Living”, and boy, does it keep going whether you are grieving or not. Let me give you an update on life…

Since Dad’s passing, Abbey (who seems determined to give me a nervous breakdown) ate a box of raisins, which is toxic to dogs.  Like… the vet told me to get in there immediately and asked if I lived close when I called to inquire.  She spent three days in the “hospital” getting her stomach pumped, charcoal administered, and levels monitored.  She came out of it unscathed, thank God, but it was an ordeal. Since then, she has developed some growths on her gums that we are getting checked out tomorrow.  (Not so Fun Fact, one of the possible causes, according to Dr. Google, is Multiple Myeloma for dogs.  Are you f*cking kidding me???)


I’m totally chill about costing you $720… those raisins were delish and totally worth it.


Harlow started cheerleading and first grade.  Cheerleading is two days a week, an hour and a half long practice and then games on Saturdays.  It is… a lot.  Oh, and I’m coaching her squad!  Our last game day lasted three. hours.  And as always with school of any kind, it has been a struggle and an adjustment.  She just doesn’t love school…  She also doesn’t love being separated from me.  She’s getting used to it again, though.


My husband’s job has gone through a shift, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) he’ll be spending a lot more time at home!  Like, instead of working 80 hours a week, maybe 50!  It might be a slow transition getting there, but the light is on the horizon!

As for me, I’m just here.  I’ve tried to get some crafting in, but I haven’t done a ton.  I revamped an old chair (the one I used for Yvonne’s senior photos), made Harlow’s 1st Day of School sign, and a card for my cousin’s upcoming wedding.  Oh, and a TON of weeding, because yardwork sucks.  Other than that, I’ve just been trying to play catchup on things after summer break.  Tossing stuff, cleaning stuff, etc.  Life goes on, even if your heart is breaking and you have to stop in the middle of filling out school paperwork and sob in the bathroom because your dad is listed as an emergency contact on the form.

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Life is for the Living, but sometimes it’s hard to put that into practice.  But I’m trying.  Baby Steps.


I hope you all have a blissful week.  I plan on being back around a lot more, with more crafts and recipes, including a slow cooker corn chowder recipe I’m planning for tonight!


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