Spooky Mirror

Hello, all!  I’ve just completed a fun mirror project for Halloween that turned out… okay.  It was very fussy and difficult, but I’ve gotten good feedback on it, so I thought I would share.  As most things do, it all started with Pinterest.  I found some creepy-cool mirrors that I thought looked so awesome for Halloween.  So, I had my sister find me a mirror, grabbed Bellatrix off of the internet images page, and got to work.

That’s where it fell apart.  Well, technically, the problem was that it WOULDN’T fall apart.  The darn mirror was just too well made!  The backing was completely sealed onto the mirror.  And once I elbow-greased my way through that, the actual mirror layer was… so… so… difficult to get through.  In the end it turned out well enough, though.

The way it is SUPPOSED to work, is you print out a spooky photo, easily take the mirror out of the frame, use some sand paper to take out the mirror layer, insert spooky picture, replace mirror, hang, done.  Easy-peasy, right?  Sure.  Ahem.

Have a great weekend, all!

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