Care Bear Birthday

Harlow’s SEVENTH birthday is coming up so fast!  And as she is known to do, she wants a birthday party theme that no longer exists.  Care Bears.  I’m pretty sure I probably had a Care Bears themed party 30+ years ago.  Now, you CAN get a few things online, but IF you can find it, it is generally ridiculously “vintage” expensive.  So.  That leaves me and my craft room.  With things not being the most stable in my world right now, I didn’t really want to dive into crafting all the things for her party, but I certainly can’t (and wouldn’t under the best of circumstances) pay vintage Care Bear prices.  I’m just now starting to think and try some things out.  Like, do I really want to DIY our own plates?  I’m wavering on if the kids would care, or even notice!  I did one as a quick idea mock-up, but…  I don’t know.


I’m going to make a banner, and cupcake pokes, but outside of that, I’m just not sure what to do!  Maybe nothing!  The kids will be busy bowling and I’m sure decorations beyond a banner and a couple of balloons would be totally uninteresting and pointless.  The plate was easy to make, though, so making 12 (better) versions wouldn’t be a big deal. Just print out a picture, cut it into the correct shape/size, and mod-podge (or I may try spray adhesive) it to the back of a clear plate.

I have the cupcake pokes ready to make/print…pops

Nothing fancy.  The banner will be pretty similar.  I am hoping to find rainbow ribbon, but I’m having a surprisingly hard time doing so!

Have a great Monday, and an even better week!

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