Easter Basket for a 7 Year Old Girl

Since we are basically on lock-down, the Easter Bunny had to rely heavily on the over-buying he did at Christmas and Harlow’s birthday, plus some unanticipated pre-Easter shopping he did before the world flipped upside down.  He only needed to run out and get a few things during a grocery run.  So… what was in a 7 year old girl’s Easter basket (and eggs)?  Here we go!

Eggs:  Most of the eggs held an item from a Pikmi Pop set purchased just after Christmas.  Ours was purchased at Target, but I found a link on Walmart’s website.  Also in the eggs were a Polly Pocket necklace, some loose change, and some Pop Pop Pets.

Basket: The basket held a fuzzy bunny notebook, a bunny mask, some super-soft bunny socks, a pack of Cra-Z-Loom bracelet-making bands, more Pikmi-Pops in the giant bunny egg, a pack of Reese’s Pieces in a carrot, another Wrapimal, necklace kit, a Skittles Egg, and a fuzzy bunny “poof” keychain to hook onto her backpack (assuming we ever get to return to school!).  The first photo has a bunny coin purse, but I took that out because I had reason to believe she had seen it accidentally beforehand.20200403_122803img_20200412_105839_922

We had TWO egg-coloring sessions.  One a few days before Easter, and one ON Easter.  I’m pretty sure between the three of us, we ate a dozen hard-boiled eggs on Easter.  Harlow did some beautiful work!  She and Chris made deviled eggs (he wondered if it was blasphemous to make deviled eggs on Easter) and Harlow decided she wanted a modified version for herself.  Can you guess which ones are hers?



I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Easter!



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